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KCC Minutes from December 2012

Kingswells Community Council Minutes December 2012_Posted 13 Feb 2013

Kingswells Community Council Minutes December 2012

Kingswells Community Council Minutes of Meeting

Date: Monday 10th December, 2012
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Kingswells Community Centre
Chair: Barrie Buchan (Chair) 
Participants Alan Stott, Alex Carnie, Ian Cox (Secretary), Tom Straiton, Ron Howie, John Gerrie, Sam Stafrace (Vice Chair), Ivan Tonna, Meg Sands, Stan McEwan 
Apologies: N/A
/ Observers:
Councillor Steve DelaneyCouncillor David Cameron

Police: Andrew Jenkins

Dave McGrath





Introduction by Chair  


Police Report  
  Police report circulated by emailThere were two cars stolen last month and this was repeated this month. Police reemphasise the ‘Lock it or Lose it’ warnings to the public.

Police have detected the people involved this month.

  The roadworks at the A944 have been causing problems and some dangerous U turning manoeuvres have been noted by a few KCC members. Police were asked to be proactive as there is likely to be an accident if this behaviour continues.  
  Police were advised that there is still an issue with speeding through the village by rat runners.Police were advised that there is a problem with people going against the one-way system at the shops.  


Members of the public  
  Dave McGrath is a local resident who has been involved with hydrogen projects in other areas. Dave discussed the technology involved to provide KCC with a better insight into a hydrogen project where Kingswells may be one of the sites considered. No project specifics were available so the discussion was limited to the generalities of a possible project.
  • The Aberdeen Hydrogen Project planned to bring 10 zero emission buses to Aberdeen
  • The P&R site at Kingswells is one of the locations being investigated.
  • There are 3 sites currently being investigated.
  • Technology has been proven in Germany.
  • Site would be used to refuel the buses. This would involve plant the size of a container (12m x 2.5m x 2.5m)
  • Hydrogen is 3 x more powerful than natural gas
  • The refuelling process would be safer than refuelling a car ‑ hydrogen gas rises
  • Hydrogen cannot explode – it has a short flame that self‑extinguishes.
  • Hydrogen would be manufactured on site.
  • There would not be a wind turbine on site.
  • The ranges achievable on a full tank – 100 miles for a bus, and 300 miles for a car.

Post Meeting Note: ACC are pursuing an alternative city centre option as first choice.





Steve advised that the volunteers that run leased community centres may be liable for external repairs. This would affect Kingswells. Further discussion will take place to finalise the details of the lease.  


There was a proposal to apply to ACC to reopen the Old section of the Lang Stracht during periods when the A944 road works were effective.KCC voted 3 for and 8 against the proposal.

It was noted that the bus service would utilise the Lang Stracht when diversions via Westhill were in place.

David asked for feedback on the road works



The graffiti reported at bus stops last month have been addressed  


It was noted that the cycle track by Prime Four was narrow. This will be addressed during the works.  


The Village hall  planning gain is now with David Wright. Barrie to get back to ACC to get some action.



Approval of minutesThe minutes of the previous meeting were approved.  


Matters Arising from the previous meeting  


Walk about – nothing appears to have been done. David to follow up and feed back.



Barrie provided a summary of the changes to the buses expected at the end of January.  


Tree belt belonging to SMG at the ‘camp site’ behind Cromar – is being used as a mountain bike track. Trees are being damaged  SMG  will not take any action unless there is an accident when cyclists want to sue – so youths have free hand.  


Resident’s Associations were not interested in SMG’s offer to sell the long term maintenance responsibilities of their land to adjacent RA’s.There was some discussion on Colleen’s role as RA coordinator. Alex is to speak to Colleen.




John is to write a newsletter article re Business Club



Drainage of the Fairley Road football field. ACC were not happy with the SMG proposals to drain the field. This was part of the Planning Gain for the West 1 Development. ACC have given SMG 30 days to re-submit. If the revised plans are not approved the SMG will pay £9,500 towards ACC doing the work.KCC members were not happy with this, and thought SMG would pay a small price to be released from their obligation.

Steve pointed out that ACC would then assume responsibility even if costs were in excess of the £9,500.



Planning & Environmental Issues  
  West 1: outstanding issues include:
  • Signs
  • Tree planting
  • Car park reinstatement – KCC were of a mind to leave this as the car park may be used by visitors.
    Post meeting note: car park was reinstated the day following  KCC meeting.
  • Suds pond – is a disgrace.
  Hotel Development: John, Tom, Barrie and Ian to prepare a submission for planning.  


  Expenses include £30 for Community Council Forum subscription for 2 years. $12 for website domain name registration.Financial year ends at the end of December. KCC members to submit expenses.  





Stan and the team were congratulated for the work done on the Christmas Tree.Stan advised that the ‘team’ were getting older and something different would have to be arranged next year.


  Stan thought an approach could be made to new tenants of the Prime Four development of raise funds for street lights.


  Crocus bulbs were planted out.



Date of Next meeting:  
  Next meeting will be on Monday 14th January 2013 in coffee shop of Kingswells Community Centre. Meeting closed at 22.10.  

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