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Removal of south side bus stop on A944 opposite Kingswells church.

Comment from local resident : I have recently found out that the above bus stop is to be removed in conjunction with infrastructure alterations to accommodate the Prime Four Business Park.

I also believe that 2 new bus stops and crossing are to be provided close to the entrance to the Park and Ride entrance on the A944. This will certainly be beneficial to staff who will be working at Prime Four but it will certainly be a disadvantage for a large number of residents in the south side of Kingswells who use the Kingswells bus stops for journeys to and from central Aberdeen on the First Bus and Stagecoach buses. I estimate that about 100 to 150 households in close proximity to the church bus stops will be disadvantaged plus some customers to and from the local garages and restaurant/conference centre.
Has there been adequate consultation and consideration of local residents needs or is this simply a case of big business using its muscle to achieve its own favourable requirements?
I believe the bus stop removal is to accommodate an additional lane on the A944 approaching the roundabout but, surely the stop could be moved back eastwards beyond the start of the additional lane.
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Written By: claire.burt
Date Posted: 28/03/2013
Number of Views: 2825